How to Make Money on Fiverr

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A very warm welcome back to my Blog! 🙂 Today, I am gonna tell you how to make money on Fiverr.

I always searched for and tried new ideas to earn some extra passive income. Also I try to pen down all the ideas for how to make money for beginners especially. <3

And by trying different streams of income and experimenting, I started freelancing on Fiverr. Till now I have made total of $744 (the earning I made working on and off). Here is the proof.

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I gave Fiverr a very little attention and time. Being a housewife and a full time mother , I could not work properly which anyone can and make more than 1000s of dollars easily.

And you know what is so amazing about it ,It all about working from home, and anyone can do it. 😀

Here on my blog protipstomakemoneyonline, I write about making money from home , and all you moms can do it as well. 🙂

And I like to motivate others to try and make an income from home because I think anybody can do it.

Today I’m going to talk about making money on fiverr which is a freelancing platform or a marketplace.

Fiverr Categories:

Fiverr offers different categories like Voice overs, graphic design, writing , Menu designs, video editing, paintings and what not!!!…

You have to make a Gig showcasing your talent in any of the repective categories. You can go through fiverr and look at the categories yourself. If you’re interested in checking it out.

But there are a lot of different categories that you can check out and you might have skills in that you can offer.

Fiverr Gigs and Fiverr package offers:

Okay, now once you have opened the option of creating a Gig, you make a package offering for your service. You can make more than one gigs at a time that so Cool! 😀 A client will buy it if that suits him/his project requirements. Then you fulfill that order and deliver it to your customer.

I think it is a fantastic platform for selling your services because you have make amazing regular clients, who re-order sometimes, and also you keep on making new clients.

Make sure that your gigs are optimized so people can find you. Means to use maximum of Keywords in Gigs description, tags and title areas. There are also a wide range of services that you can offer.

You can add up sales or add-ons to your gigs. So that people can pay for additional services from you. It will up the price of your order, and how much money you’re making.

And one of the huge bonuses is that you’re not chasing down your clients for payments if you’re a freelancer.

Once the order is created by a Buyer, collects money in its account and releases to seller account once the order is completed successfully.

If a buyer wants revisions, seller can also make them on the request. And extra revisions get you extra money as well. So its a very well coordinated system conducted by Fiverr.

It can take up to two weeks for your payment to clear so that you can cash out and get a direct deposit in your bank account .

There’s a timer element on fiverr so when you create your offer( you can also create custom offer to buyer if they accept order is created) you can select time period to deliver.

Like, if you say two days, once you get an order and your client delivers everything that you’re going to need from them to complete that order, a countdown will start.

And if you’re late in delivering your services, it will decrease your performance rate. You need to be careful about that. Client may also not come back again to you or may give you less stars ratings.

Heyyy, if you’re wondering , how much money you can make on fiverr, so the answer is -the sky’s the limit 😀

That all for now. Make your Fiverr account now amd start earning online staying at home.

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Do give your precious feedback in the comment section too. Take care of yourself and keep exploring the new Ideas. May you always shine brighter. love you all my dear readers! ♡♡♡


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