How to make money on Upwork

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Hi ! Welcome back to my blog. 🙂 Today, you are gonna learn how to make money on Upwork. Upwork can be a great place to make money online , especially if you’re just starting.

I work on Upwork,just like you can make good amount of income on Fiverr. You can make here as well on upwork. Doing voiceovers, editing videos, typing jobs make 500$ a day, and doing graphic design . Its a good platform if you have a skill that can benefit people or businesses my friend. 🙂

How to make money on upwork?

Step number one is to determine your niche to make money on upwork and this is what exactly you’re gonna help people with on upwork. I recommend doing is asking yourself what do you know and what can you do that can bring value to other people or businesses and what can you help people with. And a great way that you can find ideas of what you can help people with is to simply go to And then go to the top bar, here and it’ll give you a ton of different ideas on what you can help people with.

For example if you want to do something related to design and creative, to make money on upwork, it will open up all these different individual jobs that you can help people with. Including voice over artists, video editors animators and if you know how to do any of these skills you can potentially make thousands of dollars per month on upwork 😀

Go through all skills on upwork to see what you can potentially help people with. You can help people with photoshop. See what people usually charge per hour on some of the top freelancers that come up. This way you can make sure that you’re choosing a job that has a lot of demand in which companies or people are willing to pay a high price, per hour for you to make as much money as possible on upwork.

And if you don’t personally have enough skills yet to help people on upwork you can always keep building them up by watching youtube videos buying courses on places like skillshare or udemy and anything. 🙂 You invest in educational material will likely pay off many times into the future my friend! 😀

Earn using some ideas|Skills to make money on upwork:

Skills on upwork that are bhired by people(Buyers) cane be following:

write youtube scripts

do narrations for youtube videos

edit together youtube videos and instagram videos

make youtube thumbnails

make instagram posts and images

make and manage website

and then a bunch of different miscellaneous admin work… 😀 Now step number two is to .

Sign up , make profile and optomize to make money on UPWORK

In order to do that you go to upwork click sign up and then click i’m a freelancer looking for work. Apply as a freelancer ,to make money on upwork, fill out all of your information. It is going to ask you for a lot of information and I recommend giving them all of it. Because it’s going to verify your identity making it more likely for clients to hire you .For your profile photo, use a very professional photo of you smiling. This will show potential clients that you’re professional and presentable and in order to get a good photo you can even consider hiring a photographer to take a portrait of you. ;D

Then , optimize profile with text that people are likely to search for in order to hire you . And in order to get a ton of ideas and examples when it comes to optimizing your upwork profile, go to upwork and going to some of the biggest jobs related to what you’re doing.

So let’s say for example you’re a voice over artist in which case you’d go to some of the top voiceover artists that show up. likely have their profiles very well optimized. So you can get a ton of ideas when it comes to optimizing your own profile. In writing your description make sure to include the keywords as many times as you can . And on top of that what i would recommend doing is putting together at least five to ten different individual pieces of work that you just make yourself.

Put it in a google drive folder and then set it to be shared so that anybody with the link can view it. And then put that link in your profile so people can look at your portfolio. 🙂 Put it within the portfolio section of your profile.

If you’re doing voiceovers you’ll want to choose skills like voiceover voice talent. Your specific accent when it comes to doing that and everything else related and to get ideas you can always look at other freelancers.

Find jobs to apply to

In order to do that you go to upwork ,find freelance jobs worldwide. Look for what are called fixed pricing jobs and by doing fixed pricing jobs in the beginning ideally you can do a lot of jobs reallyyyy quickly to build up the amount of reviews, that will serve as social proof when it comes to more people hiring you. 😀 <3

You need to be applying for jobs yourself especially in the beginning but eventually the goal is to have an optimized profile with optimized keywords. Start getting a ton of reviews as well and then upwork will promote your profile for you, and when people search on search engines looking for the best freelancers when it comes to a certain skill you will ideally show up. 😀

Imagine if you could build this up to having multiple clients under you each, paying you several thousand dollars per month , this could really add up to be a lot of money and you could even potentially create an agency in which you manage a ton of different freelancers to do work for your clients. Therefore providing them a ton of value and then even expand outside of upwork. And really grow a big company doing this.

Tell me in the comment section if this helped you and you enjoyed the read or not. 🙂
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You can also make money other ways like designing teeshirts in already made templates (too easy) , as I wrote on that as well.
And now you got to know another ways of making extra money freelancing.

Keep making money and following my tips. <3


Hi! I welcome you all my beautiful readers and it would be safe to say future millionaires because I am going to share pro tips on how to make money online staying at home. So, keep following me for the tips my dear readers . :)

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