How to Make Money Blogging -3 ways (Passive Income)

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Hi and welcome to my blog where you learn side hustle to make 1000s of dollars fast and money making ideas. Today, I’m going to be sharing how to Make Money Blogging.
Anyone can make money blogging including the 3 main ways that blog makes money. I’m just going to tell you about the ways that a blog actually makes money.
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3 Tips:

1) So the very first way to tell how to make money blogging is by directing people back to your YouTube channel *if you have*. Which means that your videos get more views and you get more ad revenue .

Now obviously this is a really indirect way that a blog makes money. But it definitely adds a few hundred dollars to your income every single month.

2) The second way that tell how to make money blogging is by offering live workshops . Almost every single month. In workshops, teach your blog readers something that you know they’re interested in. Because you publish a blog post every single week.

You can then go back and look at your analytics and see which blog post your readers were most interested in and which one got the most traffic

Then what you do is you announce that you’re going to teach an entire workshop on that topic and you give people a link where they can sign up πŸ˜€

You can charge anywhere between about twenty nine dollars and a hundred dollars for people to take part in these workshops and just this way you can make money online.

3) – The third way that tells how to make money blogging is a lot like the second way. Because all you do for this third way is you take those workshops that you have already taught and u have recorded .

Then you can edit them into individual lessons .You can turn them into an online course. Sale these courses for a bit more money because they have been edited down .

Normally add some additional resources to them like workbooks or PDF guides to make them a more complete package.

Great thing about selling these as courses is, it produces completely passive income. Whic means that after u finished editing the course and u put it on your website , you don’t have to do anything else and tada πŸ˜€ –

You make money every single month from people going back and buying those courses that you’ve created in the past.

So, theses were all of the three Pro Tips of how to make money blogging being online

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