Side Hustles to Make Money from Home (2022)

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Hi, and welcome back to my blog. πŸ™‚ Today you are gonna learn amazing and 100 percent effective side hustles to make money from home in 2022. The side hustles that I am gonna pen down today, most of them are the ones that I have personally tried. Yeahh! And trust me making use of , them you can actually genearte a great amount of passive income. These side hustles are friendly for -All the beginners, moms, dads, kids, students and teenagers.

I know how hectic and tiresome it can be to go to your offices and obey your Bosses 24/7 and even after working your best, facing all the tantrums and criticism is the last thing on earth you would ever want urgggh!! Right? The Best and cool thing about working from home is that you are your own boss. Enjoy all the financial freedom my friends. YES, you read it right. Using all the side hustles ,amazing ideas that I am going to share with you ,its completely possible.

I had this experience of not going to my very favourite jobs and being governed. That was the time when I finally realized that I need to think about it seriousy and should work on planning and strategizing for how can I make myself able to earn money fast and extra money actually being at home easily , sipping on my favourite drinks and swallowing my favourite snakcs!

Deep down, I know every single of you WANTS this freedom, don’t you?
So long lost the days when you had to follow other peoples’ orders and tire yourself working day and nights to impress your head and superiors.
Now without wasting any further time, lets dig into those amazing Side Hustles that can help you make money from home. yayy!!



Graphic Designing

What are Side Hustles?

So, the word Side Hustle itself is the combination of two words basically. Side- means a side, not so important thing* and Hustle– hurry* So Sidehustle is a job or work that helps you to make extra money . Money more than one’s daily routine job and main source of income. Side hustle has more freedom as compared to Regular Job you go to. Like in side hustles you decide your own time and are not bound to boss’s decisions and orders unlike Jobs .
So sidehustles definitely is my most go to and favourite option when it comes to making large amount of extra money. Other than my main source of income called – Boring office job!

Sell your Arts and Crafts (ETSY):

Etsy is a marketplace with alot of visitors and customers- a huge traffic yearly even monthly basis. On etsy you can sell you arts and crafts. If you are talented and lets say you can make hand made jewellary , bracelets or hand made bags. paintings, knitted items , templates for online use like (resume templates and graphic templates for covers and social media posts or logos)…. and so on. The list goes on and on. The key is to explore your box of talents and boom there you go! Start earning money on etsy. Its quite simple. Nothing complicated. I know people wio are earning 1000s of dollars on etsy weekly and monthly depending on their crafts. So Etsy is a good side hustle to make money from home in 2022.

Sell your Paintings:

I am very good at drawing, sketching, painting and stuff like that. Painting is the only hobby that I enjoy so much doing and it gives me kind of euphoric feelings. And just imagine how perfect it becomes when you start making money from something that gives you immense amount of pleasure! Aamazzinggg feeling I tell you. I can recommend selling your paintings, like in final digital form. Your paintings on platforms like fiverr or upwork. Or you can also sell them on your blog utilizing woocomerce and likewise plugins. They actually are very convinent and helps you making money. You can sell your painting making a website sheerly for the purpose of selling and displaying your artwork like paitings. And let me tell you another amazing tip- you can start giving live classes and make some students whom you can teach how to paint. You can also offer online classes. So, paint all of your beautful imaginations out and of your clients passive income my child. πŸ™‚

Give Online Tutoring:

One another talent that almost most of us do have is to give other people lectures or classes that we call tutoring.
In previous days you had to offer tutoring at your home or actually some physical place where all the students and teacher had to unite under one roof. Now, thanks to technology, you can do this online! You can start your own tution centre online . You can find many platforms online for tutoring like preply and so on. Preply is the one that I admire the most. Do give it a try once! :)So basically Preply is a language learning app and elearning place. I know my friend giving Urdu classes to many international students like in America, Australia. So using preply or any other online tutoring platforms as a side hustle start making money from home.
Similarly, payhip is a platform where you can record lectures on a specific topic or subject , post there and start selling. Other than lectures you can also sell designs, ebooks and much more.

Sell products (Daraz/Amazon):

Daraz is a famous pakistani marketplace where you can buy things also can sell by creating your seller account. You can sell anything. Like clothes, shoes, food, utensils or just like etsy hand made crafts and paintings too. Daraz made its wave in e commerce business and has actually become the Pakistan’s largest marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Similarly with the Amazon. Amazon is American marketplace that works internationally and it focuses on e commerce too along with artifical intelligence and digital streaming. Amazon is my personal favourite I tell you. πŸ™‚

Provide Voiceover Services:

Voicovers is something that almost every feild needs one way or other right?! If you take media for instance , there are many film making and drama industries even cartoon channels need a verstaile bunch of people , who are able to deliver professional high quality voiceover. And for that all you need to have an access to a good microphone and perfect Voice most imporantly to do voiceovers. Online you can find many websites / platforms where you can submit your applications and voice samples . Amazing thing is you can do voiceovers in as many languages you want and you know.

My personal favourite platform to do voiceovers and make money on Fiverr and upwork, Honestly, these platforms have actually helped me making hella lot of money doing VOICEOVERS IN Urdu, English and Hindi. You can do in your language.
Many Ebooks authors publish their books and thet need some narrator to narrate their publication and hence this way you can apply for that too. There are many sites for narrators. For example is ACX, and so on…
Just record plenty of Voiceover recording samples in different tones and submit your samples. Soundcloud is my go to option for this purpose,. I upload my voice samples there and then copy the links to my soundtracks/ Voiceovers and share with clients, companies or buyers. This can earn you a good amount of money and what a perfect side hustle to make money from home eh! Sharing some testimonails with you that Voiceover is a success job to earn money and win clients heart lol πŸ˜€

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Do Online Surveys:

Another amazing side hustle to make money from home and make extra cash in your accounts is filling the surveys available on different websites online . Some of the famous survey platforms are, Survey Monkey, SoGoSurvey, Google Forms, Zoho Survey and many more you can find recommendation about on πŸ™‚ Fill the tick cross options and true false kinda statements. Make money online filling the surveys and enjoy your passive income.

Posting your stories on Quora:

Quora is a platform that has millions of visitors and followers,. On quora people search for most common and important issues or questions, that people answer. Quora is recorded to have millions of shares of posts as well , rhe more shares the more money. You can post your questions and answers on Quora and also can make a Space where you can add contributors. Contributors can also post in your space and thus attracting more followers and visitors. You post your articles or stories or questions too. And once you get a lots of followers you can monetize qoura and start making money easily. This process demands contiuous availibilty and satying active in posting your stuff. If you are on Qoura please visit my space and do follow me . <3

Editing and Proofreading:

Another very simple easy task is editing and proofreading. You can edit and proofread articles , documents or scripts of your clients. Now the question is how can you find clients? This task is very much in demand. So finding customers won’t be difficult. Again freelancing sites can help you find a great buyers. Also, facebook group pages can also help you in finding potential clients.



I loveee taking photographs be it of animals, humans, objects , nature or anythingggg! Photography is also a skill that you need to learn. Not every single person can claim that- I am a good photographer! You need to know the basics of it. Color contrasts, editing, perfect color saturations and things lie that matters a lot to make you a professional photographer.
You can be a Wedding Photographer or similarly you can also cover any other events like that . Like birthdays, gender reveal functions ( that are so much happening around lol ), food photographer, animal photographer and what not!!! The list is never ending my friend. Just grab you camera and start exploring and making money being a full time photographer.


If you are palnning to be a full time blogger, Blogging is something that needs a lot of attention, your time and dedication. Yes, I know I know this sounds as a slow process to start making money and extra money actually as a side hustle from home. But trust me, its worth it. Once you managed to achieve maximum number of views and large traffic on your Blog- monetize it with google adsense or affiliate programs like Amazon ads.
This is absolutely one of the excellent side hustle to make money from home and actually generate a massive amount of passive income. I know someone who quit her job and is now making a full time money blogging. How cool is that! πŸ™‚ So ladies and gentlemen, start Blogging! You should choose a niche you know you can write excellent stuff about and have legit imformation. Always write your own stuff , never copy! Content has to be unique and your own as these are the prerequisites of Blogging , if you are aiming to earn money from it.

Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is used in every field. Companies, businesses, websites, restaurants etc need logo designs, banners, flyers, brochures etc and for that you can use Canva ready made templates. Just edit the text and images according to your need and you can make every thing included in graphic designing. You can use photoshop or adobe illustrator too. Choose whatever suits you. My favourite one is I have made large amount of money from graphic designing as well. You can check out my work, gig and clients feedback here below. πŸ™‚

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Bochure design made using
Foof menu Brochure Canva Design
food menu

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So these were all the amazing side hustles to make money from home. I really hope that you will start making money trying them out. I would love to hear your stories and feedback too. So feel free to comment in comments area. Ideas are always welcomed! Criticism too πŸ˜› unless its creative. Okay? okayy! Now here I end my post and wish you all the best- make passive income and quit your jobs. Enjoy freedom! <3


Hi! I welcome you all my beautiful readers and it would be safe to say future millionaires because I am going to share pro tips on how to make money online staying at home. So, keep following me for the tips my dear readers . :)

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